Gelateria Bonelli has been collaborating with the best professionals of the sector to find the fundamental raw material necessary to create a small masterpiece: NON-INDUSTRIAL ICE CREAM.

• He who does not mind his belly will hardly mind anything else.

Samuel Johnson

We only use high quality fresh milk and the same goes for the multi filtered fresh cream, the hazelnuts come from the Piedmont region and are PGI certified and we use only Italian pistachios. Most of our raw material comes from Italy, produced throughout the territory, we also collaborate with Italian companies operating abroad and, thanks to their fazendas in South America, we are able to find exotic fruit of excellent quality like: pineapple, mango and passion fruit as well as coffee and cocoa.

• Good food is the foundation of true happiness

Auguste Escoffier


The “old ways” compels us to continue using pasteurised products: white base for milky ice creams, yellow base for creamy ice cream, black base for chocolate ice cream.
We even produce our own sugar syrup and we are convinced that a true ice cream maker is first of all a craftsman and not just a mere handler of “sachets and powders” or a mixer of frozen ready-made “bag-boxes”.

• If it is true that we are what we eat, I want to eat only genuine things.

So, you will always find fresh fruit in our workshops ready to blend, lemons to squash, bananas to peel and even coconuts to crack!! Without adding any flavouring agent, only fresh fruit!